botanic prints on fabric


botanic print with parrot flowers and rose leaves from the organic waste bin of a flower store simmered in avocado dye bath and printed on rescued cotton
42 cm * 106 cm, 2019

physical distance - social closeness

botanic print with flowers from the orgnanic waste bin of a flower store printed on rescued cotton and a bukky ball consisting out of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons smeared with colour pigments
42 cm * 106 cm, 2019/2020

contemplating connectedness in the morning and in the evening

botanic prints with elm and other perfect and imperfect autumn leaves in logwood dye on organic cotton batiste
67 cm * 30 cm, 2020

Created after another literary walk, from Oderstraßenbrücke to Neuer Jacobsfriedhof in Berlin-Neukölln, within the framework of the project “a creative-anarchist urban escape chronicle”.