I will be working as “the only artist – # 16 artist” in the Bauhaus Pavilion on Berlin’s Ernst-Reuter-Platz, capturing nature on this island in the rush of traffic with my botanical prints.

I am fascinated by the contrasts that are coming together on this round square. I will cook a dye bath from the chestnuts, dip the linden and chestnut leaves in rusty water, print on paper and fabric in the hot dye bath, in the grids of the square. I will also try to elicit the colors and structures inherent in the last herbs and flowers. Does nature have a chance here?

Come over! Three persons allowed in at a time. bauhaus reuse # 16 artist

25. – 30. November 2020

11-17 Uhr

BHR OX bauhaus reuse
middle island (roundabout)
10587 Berlin

Some of my botanical prints on fabric and paper, inspired by literary walks, will be shown in an exhibition as part of a “creative-anarchist urban escape chronicle” …
Û∞ an eternal roof over your head – exhibition of the Creative Anarchism Project with Abdulkadir Musa and Marta Sala

25. Oktober – 8. November 2020
         Mo, Thu, Fr: 15-18 Uhr
         Su, So: 15-20 Uhr

resiART, Residenzstr. 132, 13409 Berlin