SDAB Studio presents the group exibition: 6.6 corners

The “small world phenomenon” according to Stanley Miligram states that the world is a village and every person knows every other person within 6.6 corners. Which corners can we use to find out? Individuals ask who else they know? Looking for common contacts on their social media profiles? These are possible approaches. However, we would like to make our social networks visible and tangible through artistic positions. We lit “a corner” and looked for artistic positions that someone we know knows. If you like, this exhibition represents the spectrum of “our even smaller world”. If you realize that you already know all the artistic positions of this world after 6.6 corners, it is not surprising what an incredibly large spectrum you can get with “one corner”. With this in mind, have fun discovering the following artistic positions:
Marcus Eek, Dhomas elkamprettoz, Gudrun Ingratubun, Susanne Linck, Setu Legi, Christoph Geisler, Andreas Berlin, Sabine Dehnel

Friday, 28.4.23,  18 – 22 hours and Saturday, 29.4.23, 11 – 19 hours
Studio SDAB   Werner-Voß-Damm 62 (Seiteneingang rechts)   12101 Berlin
S Südkreuz exit East/Tempelhof

Few chestnut trees, linden trees and marigold flowers defying living conditions under heavy air polution by car traffic in the grid of the square designed by architect Werner Düttman on a central traffic axis in Berlin. During this week I will experiment with hanging the plant prints I created during the open studio in the Bauhaus Reuse Pavilion on paper, on fabric and in the form of zines on the facades of the pavillion, in preparation for an exhibition when the pandemic conditions are a bit more suitable.

12. – 18. April 2021

exact hours to be inquired

BHR OX bauhaus reuse
central area (roundabout)
10587 Berlin

I have been working as “the only artist – # 16 artist” in the Bauhaus Pavilion on Berlin’s Ernst-Reuter-Platz, capturing nature on this island in the rush of traffic with my botanical prints.

I am fascinated by the contrasts that are culminating on this round square. I will cook a dye bath from the chestnuts, dip the linden and chestnut leaves in rusty water, print on paper and fabric in the hot dye bath, in the grids of the square. I will also elicit the colours and structures inherent in the last herbs and flowers. Does nature have a chance here?

bauhaus reuse # 16 artist

25. – 30. November 2020

11-17 Uhr

BHR OX bauhaus reuse
middle island (roundabout)
10587 Berlin

Some of my botanical prints on fabric and paper, inspired by literary walks, have been shown in an exhibition as part of a “creative-anarchist urban escape chronicle” …
Û∞ an eternal roof over your head – exhibition of the Creative Anarchism Project with Abdulkadir Musa and Marta Sala

25. Oktober – 8. November 2020
         Mo, Thu, Fr: 15-18 Uhr
         Su, So: 15-20 Uhr

resiART, Residenzstr. 132, 13409 Berlin