trees with healing energy in the city

horn beam and oak leaves under pressure and pressed into a tight book

book with botanic prints with horn beam, red oak and comon oak leaves, cherry plum leaves, a fern, a rose and perforated steel plates in avocado dye

book cover: perforated steel plates
binding: developed from Japenese block binding
yarn: chestnut leaf dyed silk
pages are loose so the narrative is able to change
the weight of the covers keeps the book together

10 cm * 30 cm, 2021

double book pages of the book above: 19 cm * 30 cm

powerfull trees entangled in the grids of climate crisis

botanic print with hornbeam and oak leaves from Charlottenburg pallace garden, red oak leaves from a graveyard
and Indonesian basket parts in avocado peel dye on cotton batiste
attached mice grids

120 cm * 60 cm, 2021